jueves, 31 de diciembre de 2009


Dear Buyu,


January 2010, 16th & 17th

Happy new year to all!

After this nice period of rest we hope that you are fit, ready to leave happily the year of the
Ox and to begin to live actively in the year of the Tiger.

As you might have heard Daikomyo Sai has been a real success with more than 350 participants from all over the world, it was also very rich in teachings from Sensei’s part. If you want to have a quick overview please visit the download section of www.bujinkan-bonn.de look for downloads.

Right after Hatsumi Sensei has unveiled the new theme for 2010, it is rokkon shôjô.*

One of the first seminars of 2010 on rokkon shôjô will be held in Bonn (Germany) by Sveneric Bogsater and Arnaud Cousergue both Shihan of the Bujinkan. They will share with you their understanding of what Sensei has explained at the end of December.

As Sensei explained that all weapons had to be used in order to reach the mushin of rokkon shôjô, we expect you to bring rope, kunai, hanbô, padded sword, tachi.

Register online now and be one of the 50 participants to attend. Registration

Ø Secured pre-payment by Paypal and credit card.

Ø Registration through the website gives a 10€ discount.

Ø Certificate of attendance for all participants.

Ø Lodging at the dôjô is free as usual (please inform us before coming).

* click here to download the new calligraphy of rokkon shôjô by Sensei.

Das Organisation Team des Bujinkan Bonn

martes, 15 de diciembre de 2009


Como todos los años, en Diciembre tendrá lugar en el Dôjô el ya tradicional Daikomyosai.

Esta vez, debido a la convalecencia de Frank, y siguiendo sus instrucciones, el Daikomyosai será impartido por José, Javi, Pablo, Carlos, Juanjo y Alex.

Nos encantaría contar con vuestra asistencia.

El Daikomyosai tendrá lugar el 19 y 20 de Diciembre, con los siguientes horarios:

Sábado 19: 11,30 h.-13,30 h. y 17,30 h. -19,30 h.

Domingo 20: 11,30 h.-13,30 h.

Precio: 40 euros.
visítanos en: